“Help your Brother” initiative helps Syrian Armenians with cash money instead of sending humanitarian aid

Nvard Davtyan

The “Help your Brother” initiative launched on September 18 now helps Syrian Armenians with cash money instead of sending humanitarian aid to Syria. The initiative is now concentrated on assistance programs to Syrian Armenians who have found refuge in Armenia and Artsakh.

“We faced a number of problems with the delivery of humanitarian aid on plane. For example, because of the military actions it is simply impossible to transport the humanitarian aid to Armenian-populated regions other than Aleppo. We had not taken account of it. Therefore, now we simply transfer money to Syrian Armenians,” MP Vahan Hovhannisyan told reporters today.

They have already transferred 5 mln AMD to 22 Syrian Armenian families based in Kashatagh (Artsakh). They are preparing New Year gifts to about 300 Syrian Armenian children.

“The activity of the “Help your Brother” initiative showed that the idea of lending a helping hand to Syrian Armenians has no political, geopolitical and ideological limits,” president of the pan-national initiative Lilit Galstyan said.

“Different benefactors, individuals and organizations have donated 41 mln AMD, 750 thousand Russian rubles and foodstuffs with a total cost of about $31 AMD,” she informed.

Lilit Galstyan and Vahan Hovhannisyan expressed gratitude to all organizations and individuals, who have responded to their call. Vahan Hovhannisyan urged to be as generous on the eve of the New Year. The initiative will continue to help Syrian Armenians until the end of the conflict. As Hovhannisyan said, the end of the crisis is not yet visible.

The MP does not believe the conflict will come to an end with the out throwing of Assad’s regime. On the contrary, this will bring about new problems, the solution of which will demand new steps.

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