UN and Agrarian University will further enhance cooperation

Students of the Armenian National Agrarian University will have more opportunities to further learn about the UN values, global agenda and UN work in Armenia as a result of the implementation of the Plan for Cooperation which was signed today between the University and the UN Department of Public Information (UNDPI).

Opening of the UN Corner at the University’s library today was the first of a many activities agreed in the Plan. Observance of the UN days, visits to the FAO’s project sites, outreach lectures and debates, internship opportunities are among planned joint activities, which will enhance the dissemination of the UN values.

The UN publications which were provided for the UN Corner will serve to further educate youth on the UN work.  The university will also use the UN Corner to organize UN-related cultural, educational, and other events.

Maria Dotsenko, the UNDPI Representative in Armenia, said: “The UN focuses on youth empowerment since youth is the driving force of any society. Students are active participants of many UN activities and our reliable partners in promotion of UN values: human rights, democratic governance, peace and security, sustainable human development. We are glad to support them to further improve their knowledge and get engaged in UN activities.”

“We highly appreciate our cooperation with the UN. Our joint activities will allow students to contribute to the work of UN, and to become better informed and active citizens of their country”, said Arshaluys Tarverdyan, the Rector a. i. of the Armenian National Agrarian University.

Within 2012, the Work Plans for Cooperation have been signed between the UNDPI and Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University, Armenian State Pedagogical University and Yerevan State University. In Slavonic and Pedagogical Universities, the UN Corners were opened, while the Yerevan State University hosts one of two UN Depositary Libraries in Armenia.

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