Alain Delon surprised by his popularity in Armenia

Alisa Gevorgyan

The premiere of the “Happy New Year, Moms!” film took place at the Moscow Cinema today. World-known French actor Alain Delon arrived in Yerevan to be present at the first screening. The film is comprised of five novels shot by different directors, including Armenian film director Sarik Andreasyan.

The novel titled “Paris” stars Alain Delon, Irina Rozanova and Pavel Volya. It has been produced by Georgy Malkov, Sarik Andreasyan, Ghevond Andreasyan, Valery Saaryan and Vladimir Polyakov.

Vera Evgenevna, who has long been worked as French language teacher in one of the provincial cities of Russia, has always dreamt of visiting Paris, which has given romance and Alain Delon to the world. One morning she finds tвo tickets to Paris in the fridge, a surprise from her son. Her dream comes true and she meets Alain Delon at a restaurant in Paris.

The legendary actor is in Armenia to be present at the Yerevan premiere of the film. “This is my first visit to Armenia. As I said earlier during my meeting with President Serzh Sargsyan, I would never imagine I was so popular here. Even my friend Charles Aznavour had never told me about it,” the actor told reporters today.

“In this film I play myself. I liked the idea of thе film, which is dedicated to mothers. That is wonderful. I lost my mother 16 years ago, and I think about her every single day of my life. She was very proud of me, and I have inherited the best I have in life from my mother,” the actor said.

Mr. Delon showed the small cross, which he never parts with. It is a gift from his mother. He said if his mother was alive, he would give her nothing but love.

The idol of millions of women worldwide, Alain Delon confessed that what he lacks in life today is love. The actor said his career is not over, and he will consider all interesting proposals.

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