UN jointly with the Yerevan State University marks the Arabic Language Day

Today students, university professors and journalists celebrated the Arabic Language Day at the UN and spoke about its role as one of the UN official languages and its contribution to the promotion of UN values and diversity at the event organized jointly by the UN Department of Public Information (UNDPI) and Yerevan State University, Department of Oriental Studies, Chair of Arabic Language.

Maria Dotsenko, the UN Department of Public Information Representative, said: “UN official languages are crucial for promotion of peace, security, and human rights.  Together with Armenian students we celebrate the Day of the Arabic Language at the UN, its contribution to multilingualism and cultural diversity, and promote equal use of all six UN official languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish).”

“It is important that Armenians are learning Arabic, since Arabic is one of the most widespread languages spoken by more than 422 million people, mostly living in regions close to Armenia, and it is the official language in 22 countries,” she added.

“We highly appreciate our cooperation and are happy to implement joint activities, which allow our students to be involved in the UN work, learn more about UN values and implementation of its important mission in Armenia”, said Ruben Markosyan, the Vice-rector of the Armenian State University.

During the event the participants not only spoke about role of the Arabic Language at the UN, but also enjoyed Arabic dances, music, and a theatrical performance and tasted traditional Arabic cuisine. The event was organized in the framework of the Plan for Cooperation signed between the UNDPI and YSU.

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