PAP decision predetermined the outcome of the elections, political scientist says

Karen Ghazaryan

Yesterday’s announcement of the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) that it would not nominate a candidate for president and would refrain from supporting any of the candidates changed nothing for the Republican Party of Armenia, Republican MP Gagik Minasyan told reporters today.

Head of the initiating group of the “New Rights” Party Suren Surenyants said, in turn, that “yesterday’s decision of Prosperous Armenia Party predetermined the outcome of the elections.”

According to him, the main intrigue of the presidential elections was solved. “Prosperous Armenia was designed as a pro-authorities, and actually it cannot be opposition,” Surenyants noted, adding that “there have been few cases when an oligarch has dared to confront the authorities.

Asked where the votes of Prosperous Armenia will go, Minasyan said: “I’m sure the votes will be distributed among different candidates. The majority will go to the political force, which will present the most realistic platform.” He said it’s untimely to speak about the possibility of a new coalition with PAP.

Gagik Minasyan concluded that the elections will bring about a new situation, the changes ill be more tangible for the society.

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