Creation of the Noyland is just a ‘raw’ idea

Nvard Davtyan

“The program of construction of the “Noyland” historical-archaeological and tourism center in the area next to DalmaGardens is still too raw,” Chairman of the Union of Architects of Armenia Mkrtich Minasyan told reporters today. He learnt about the project from the City Hall’s website and knows nothing about the authors and financing.

“There have been no discussions in the Urban Development Council of the City Hall,” Mkrtich Minasyan said. He said the “Noyland” is just an idea, and there is still no money to implement it.

“It won’t be built without discussions. This is the requirement of law, which we have been guided by up until now,” he said.

According to the official website of the Yerevan City Hall, the program envisages creating a thematic park that will restore the legend of Noah’s Ark. Four buildings symbolizing the four large religions – a Christian church, a Muslim mosque, a Buddhist temple and a Jewish synagogue – will also be built. It is noted that the works will start in 2012 and will continue for three years. After accomplishment, the program will contribute to the development of tourism and culture in Armenia.

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