ArmTech Congress’12 comes to the Silicon Valley

The fifth global Armenian high-tech industry conference and strategic business forum, ArmTech Congress 2012, kicked off at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University. The Prime Minister of Armenia, Tigran Sargsyan, the US Ambassador to Armenia, John Heffern, are among the dignitaries and top industry executives attending the Congress. The objective of this strategic business forum is to bring executives from high tech industry; researchers and officials from academia; representatives from the venture capital community and other investors as well as top Government officials from the Silicon Valley, Armenia, Europe and other geographic locations to explore the next generation of emerging markets and related technologies in the Silicon Valley and Armenia, and to help setting the next stage of high tech industry development in Armenia.

“The progress and achievements of Armenia’s high tech industry in recent years, as well as the essential need to advance the Armenian technological community, urge us to improve communication and cooperation among professionals in high tech, establish international business skills and perfect advanced high tech industry composition. We must also develop new contacts and business opportunities to create compatible, comprehensive operations that improve Armenia’s business and information high tech industry environment,” said RA Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan.

“The IT Sector holds great promise for mutually-beneficial partnerships between Armenia and the United States.  American IT investments are helping to transform Armenia in to a 21st Century knowledge-based economy, exactly what the country needs.  Thanks to all the organizers of ArmTech for this important conference and to all the participants for their contribution to the growth of US-Armenian economic ties. I also welcome the participation of the Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan, a champion of the IT sector in Armenia,” said the US Ambassador to Armenia, John Heffern.

“Perspectives of Armenian economy are considerably conditioned by hi-tech sector development,” emphasized Tigran Davtyan, the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Armenia.

“Being actively involved along with other investors and high tech executives in helping architect the transition since the fall of Soviet Union and independence of Armenia which left Armenia at zero economy, I have seen the miracle of how this small country has been able to rise within few short years to an enviable level in high tech industry and start contributing to the global community. We greatly appreciate the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering for hosting this unique event on Stanford University campus” said Tony Moroyan, a Silicon Valley high tech industry veteran and the Co-founder of ArmTech Congress.

“The fifth ArmTech Congress brings together the highest level ofArmenia’s government, business leaders, and academies in a show case of the high tech business economy inArmenia. The Congress has evolved from its early stages of discussions on building a high tech economy inArmeniato today’s celebration of the successes of high tech inArmenia. Though there will always be more to do,Armenia’s progress has been impressive, indeed!”

“As new economies emerge, we see a great potential for building smart and sustainable infrastructure using advanced technologies, exploring implementation of new materials and building technologies, addressing issues of environmental impact that may have been long ignored and sharing our expertise on how to deal with disasters. The ArmTech Congress provides a unique opportunity to explore our ideas in addressing these issues. We are delighted to host the event and look forward to a productive interaction.” said Anne Kiremidjian, Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Stanford University.

The event will showcase the impressive development of the global high-tech industry capabilities of the Republic of Armenia (RA) by bringing together the entities, the investors and individuals who are interested in the rapidly rising high tech sector in Armenia.

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