Third party intervention in litigation discussed in Armenia

Nvard Davtyan

The OSCE Office in Yerevan jointly with Armenia’s Chamber of Advocates hosted a discussion on 4 December 2012, in Yerevan, on third party intervention in domestic and international litigation, specifically on the submission of amicus curiae (‘friend of the court’) briefs in Armenia.

The President of the Constitutional Court Gagik Harutyunyan, the Human Rights Officer of the OSCE Office in Yerevan Vladimir Tchountoulov and the Vice President of the Chamber of Advocates Ara Zohrabyan opened the event.

Representatives of the judiciary, the Human Rights Defender’s Office, civil society and international organizations discussed the practice of international human rights organizations in submission of amicus briefs (written expert observations and opinions), including that of the  practice of the European Court of Human Rights. Written observations submitted to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia in 2012 by the Scientific and Analytical Centre at the Chamber of Advocates were discussed.

Vice President of the Chamber of Advocates Ara Zohrabyan attached importance to the development of the practice of submission of amicus briefs in Armenia, since it is considered to be an additional guarantee of protection of human rights and contributes to the raise of effectiveness of court rulings.

President of the Constitutional Court Gagik Harutyunyan said “the third party intervention will mark a breakthrough in the judicial field.”


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