Armenia Development Strategy discussed at RA Government

Chaired by Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan, a discussion was held at Government on the World Bank Group’s “Armenia: policy analysis for government” report.

The meeting was attended by World Bank Country Director Henry Kerali, Head of World Bank Armenia Office Jean-Michel Happi, Head of IMF Armenia Mission Guillermo Tolosa and Head of IFC Armenia Office Thomas Lubeck.

Welcoming the participants, the Prime Minister said to be pleased with the current pace of cooperation between the Government of Armenia and the World Bank. “Extensive work has been done by the World Bank. The policy analysis paper has been studied in detail and we are ready to discuss it now.”

World Bank Regional Director Henry Kerali said the proposed policy analysis outlined Armenia’s development challenges, highlighting the following priorities: drafting a new management agreement, shaping a new model of economic growth and implementing structural reforms to achieve increased productivity.

World Bank Yerevan Office Head Jean-Michel Happi stressed that the document dealt with a broad range of issues relating to welfare, governance reform and poverty.

Finance Minister Vache Gabrielyan spoke on the priorities of Armenia’s development strategy.

The meeting went on to exchange views concerning the impact of the proposed policy analysis, with special emphasis placed on general welfare, infrastructure development, human capital and social protection issues.

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