Website of the Ministry of Territorial Integrity the most transparent

Karen Ghazaryan

Ashot Melikyan, President of the Committee to Protect Freedom of Speech (CPFS), has summed up the results of the recurrent monitoring of the websites of state agencies. Based on the results of monitoring, the Committee has assessed the level of transparency of government websites.

The monitoring was conducted in two stages. The second stage of the study covered the period from August 1 to November 1. The 52 websites were conditionally grouped into three categories: the websites of the Ministries and their adjunct bodies; the websites of Marzpetarans (Governors’ Offices); the website of RA President, the National Assembly, the Constitutional Court, the Yerevan City Hall and the Human Rights Defender’s Office.

The Ministry of Territorial Administration tops the rating, according to the results of the second stage. The Ministry of Justice comes second. The third is the website of the State Migration Agency, which was left out of the monitoring in the first stage.

According to Ashot Melkonyan, the National Commission on Television and Radio has the lowest level of transparency. He said there are certain shortcomings peculiar of all websites. The particularly refers to the lack of information on budget expenditures.

Ashot Melkonyan said some progress is evident, but it’s important to maintain the trend.

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