Leaders of Information and Communication Technologies meet in Stepanakert

On 2 December President of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic Bako Sahakyan received a group of participants of the “Meeting of Leaders of Information and Communication Technologies” forum held in Artsakh.

In his speech the President noted that they pay special attention to the development of information technologies and such a stance is based on various economic, scientific and political factors.

According to Bako Sahakyan, the field of information technologies is the crucial component of economic globalization and integration processes, the significance of which for our country is difficult to overestimate. The President emphasized that the development of information technologies would enable young people to engage in highly intellectual and well-paid activities and continuously improve their professional skills without leaving the homeland, which in its turn would serve as a major impetus for the improvement of socioeconomic situation in the republic and for securing progress in the various branches its economy.

The President stressed that in Artsakh considerable work was carried out in this direction and a number of well-known organizations had already entered our republic.

President Bako Sahakyan also rated high the fact that in Artsakh leading companies, private sector and educational institutions actively cooperate in the sphere of information technologies, adding that in the near future the development of the field would begin from the primary initial level through launching corresponding educational projects for school kids, Central Information Department of the Office of the NKR President

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