Direct talks with NKR could prove Azerbaijan’s willingness to continue the peace process

“As long as Baku cherishes illusions that the essence of the Karabakh conflict settlement lies with the elimination of consequences of the aggression it has unleashed, as long as it continues the racist anti-Armenian hysteria, torpedoes the mediators’ efforts of establishing an atmosphere of trust between the parties, such statements are nothing but a sloppy step by Azerbaijan to conceal its intention to maintain the status quo,” Armenian Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharan said, commenting on Baku’s statements on their willingness to continue the negotiations.

According to Kocharyan, direct talks with Nagorno Karabakh would be a good proof of Baku’s readiness to continue the negotiations. The Deputy Foreign Minister noted that direct talks can serve as a proof of willingness of Baku, as it was the case in 1994, which led t the conclusion of the ceasefire in 1994, Armenpress reports.

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