Raffi Hovhannisyan urges ICAPP to cancel the “Baku declaration”

President of the Heritage Party Raffi K. Hovannisian has addressed an official letter to the co-chairmen of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) Jose de Venecia Jr and Chung Eui-yong.

The full text of the letter follows:

“Dear Sirs,

I herewith formalize my oral remarks made during and after the closing session of the 7th General Assembly.

The “Bakudeclaration” is a sham and a forgery.  It was imposed upon the delegates to the Assembly in flagrant disrespect of their rights and dignity; in intentional violation of the procedures of the organization which required a) adoption by consensus (at least I opposed it publicly and in no uncertain terms) and b) distribution of its final draft to all delegates before the closing session (which was purposefully not done); and in what appeared to be a premeditated conspiracy of commission (at least by the distinguished senator from Pakistan who headed the drafting committee and was informed in advance that I demanded, in accordance with the aforementioned procedural preconditions, to see the draft declaration and to speak in reference to it if it turned out to be one-sided, partisan and/or untruthful) and of silence (both of you sat quietly by as the ICAPP rules and regulations were being railroaded by the Azerbaijani delegation and the senator in charge of drafting the resolution).

As you well know, not only was I denied the right to reply when during the 4th plenary session at least five Azerbaijani delegates attacked me by name with slanderous falsehoods and calls to arms, but I was expressly refused my fundamental prerogative to express my position on participating in, or opposing, the consensus required for adoption of the declaration.

In short, there was no consensus; the rule of law was mocked in broad daylight; and, what is worse, the text of the “final” document included a section on Mountainous Karabakh which was stealthily added at the last moment, hence rendering it a declaration of standard Azerbaijani propaganda which not only was spurious and self-serving but effectively supported their war rhetoric and incitement to violence (as manifested in the most uncivil banging of fists to which all of us can testify) instead of the cause of peace, security, and reconciliation.  How ironic.

I do not know if this was the price the ICAPP leadership had to pay in exchange for the arrangements and other undisclosed benefits delivered by the host state and its ruling party.  Frankly, that is not my concern, but rather a matter for your conscience and of your own fidelity to the high principles and values of ICAPP.

I hereby demand that you do the right thing, correct your misconduct, and cancel the corruption called the “Bakudeclaration,” as well as its publication, forthwith and in toto.

That failing—and even if no other delegate of good conscience registers his or her protest in formal fashion—I demand that you remove the word “Armenia” from that falsified piece of paper.

If the ICAPP leadership wishes to remain complicit in this deceitful, bellicose affair, and wants to associate itself with war and not pacific settlement, that is your choice.  I will not be a part of it.

In closing, I thank you for your kind invitation and the opportunity to attend the 7th General Assembly, but painfully must underscore that under your “guidance” I have borne witness to one of the greatest frauds and most egregious breaches of human trust over my entire career in politics and diplomacy.”

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