The Globe Spots includes Armenia in the list of top 10 countries to visit in 2013

The Globe Spots has included Armenia in the list of top ten countries it recommends the tourists to visit in 2013. Armenia is the 5th in list topped by Portugal. Mozambique is second. Kyrgizstan and Panama come third and fourth respectively. The list includes also Rwanda,Cuba,Ukraine,Malawi and Canada.

“Despite its rather well developed tourism infrastructure, Armenia still flies under the radar of most travellers. Boasting having been the first to embrace Christianity, the country provides ample proof of that assertion,” the Globe Spots says.

“Fortunately, those willing to dig a little deeper will discover a truly amazing country with a beautiful landscape, but will also encounter genuinely nice people always ready to offer them a shot of aragh (introduced by never-ending toasts), or welcome them at their khorovats picnic… or both,” the website writes.

The Globe Spots reminds that “with visa requirements being lifted for EU citizens, starting in January, there’s even less reason to pass on this one.”

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