NKR President issues a congratulatory address on Public Prosecutor’s Day

President of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic Bako Sahakyan issued a congratulatory address in connection with the day of the public prosecutor’s office, Central Information Department of the Office of the NKR President reports. The address runs as follows:

“Dear members of staff and veterans of the Public Prosecutor Office,

I congratulate you cordially on your professional day.

The Office of Public Prosecutor is among the most significant structures that play a key role in reinforcing and strengthening Artsakh’s statehood. The maintenance of legality, ensuring public security, reliable protection of legitimate interests and rights of the citizens, the implementation of uncompromising struggle against crime in our republic also depend on the fundamental and consistent work of the system.

The whole seriousness and responsibility of the tasks set before the Office of Public Prosecutor require professionalism from every officer, high feeling of duty towards the native country and people. I am confident that from now on necessary measures will be taken to implement them successfully with the aim of continuously improving the effectiveness of the system’s work.

The NKR authorities will continue keeping your labor, social and living conditions in the spotlight.

Dear friends, I congratulate all of you once again on the Public Prosecutor’s Day and wish you the greatest success and all the best.”

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