Tajikistan studying the Armenian experience of SME development

“SME DNC of Armenia” Foundation hosted the high-ranking delegation from Tajikistan in its Ijevan branch. The delegation visited Armenia to learn from the experience of the country which is widely regarded as having made significant progress in the development of state SME policy as well as the formulation and implementation of SME support programmes.

Tajikistan is currently drafting a new law “on state protection of and support to entrepreneurship”. This process has encouraged a debate on the types of state support that is appropriate for SMEs, and the ways in which it should be implemented. In order to gain experience about how state policy is developed and implemented on the ground, it has been decided to organize a study visit to Armenia.

Topics of interest include the problem of the barriers to SME development, state policy, the institutional set-up for state support, implementation of state policy on the ground, state monitoring of implementation and possible results.

The Tajik delegation includes 11 experts from state organisation “Goskominvest” and private sector representatives.

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