California State Senate likely to recognize NKR independence

Lilit Sedrakyan

The California State Senate in Sacramento held the first ever reception for a delegation from the Nagorno Karabakh Republic headed by NKR National Assembly Speaker Ashot Ghulyan.

The event was organized by California Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian and Member of the State Senate Kevin De León. In attendance were also representatives of the Berkley, San Francisco, Davis and California Universities, heads of international trade agencies, members of the local Armenian community.

The NKR Speaker briefed the attendees on the economic situation of Artsakh, its foreign policy agenda and the existing problems. Ashot Ghulyan spoke about the current state of  settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict, which does not move forward because of Azerbaijan’s non-constructive posture.

The Speaker urged the officials of the country, which cherishes human rights and democratic values, to support the Caucasian countries that share the same values.

Senator Kevin De León voiced hope that through active work it would be possible to reach recognition of the right of NKR people to self-determination.

“There is a great likelihood that the California State Senate will recognize the independence of NKR. We’ll probably visit Artsakh to see and learn about the country. This will take place in the coming year within the framework of a visit to Armenia,” he said.

Associate Professor at San Francisco University Richard Callahan, who observed the presidential elections in Artsakh, said “the electoral processes in Nagorno Karabakh were organized in compliance with international standards.”

“I was impressed by the transparency of the electoral process. Many international observers and journalists were freely following the elections. I’m glad I had a chance to see the democratic path that country has chosen,” the Professor said.

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