Polish Ambassador sees no contradiction between the EU and the Eurasian Union

Nvard Davtyan

The 20-year  relations between Armenia and Poland are based on mutual trust and cooperation, Polish Ambassador to Armenia Zdislav Racinski told reporters today.

“The annual €30 mln commodity turnover between Armenia and Poland is stable, but does not reflect the real potential, since many Polish goods come to Armenia from Ukraine, Russia and Turkey,” the Ambassador said.

Zdislav Racinski says there are many companies in his country that would like to make investments in Armenia. The main obstacle is distance, also as the fact of Armenia’s partial blockade.

During its presidency of the European Union Poland tried to consolidate the EU policy in the South Caucasus by suggesting the Eastern Partnership Program, the Ambassador said. He reminded that it was under Polish chairmanship that the negotiations with Armenia on the Association Agreement and facilitation of the visa regime were intensified, paving the way for the creation of a free trade area.

As for the opinion that Armenia has to choose between the European Union and the Eurasian Union, Ambassador Racinski said: “The EU is a union of 27 countries with a history of 55 years. It has created its own principles and mechanisms and relies upon common values. The Eurasian Union is just a theory, an idea, a project. That means there is no contradiction here.”

Being a member of the CIS, Armenia simultaneously cooperates with the European Union, and may join it one day. “Although the South Caucasian Countries are not speaking openly about EU membership, it is quite possible in the future,” the Ambassador said.

According to Mr. Racinski, Turkey could help Armenia join the EU. “Armenia may have an EU member neighbor in the face of Turkey and join the Union later as an immediate neighbor. He reminded that his country backs Turkey’s EU membership.

Don’t the political problems in Turkey, which range from occupation of Northern Cyprus to the blockade of Armenia and human rights violations inside the country, contradict the principles Turkey should meet to become an EU member? “Problems existing in Turkey are peculiar of many other countries, even European ones,” the Ambassador said, adding that it’s impossible not to notice the reforms implemented in a number of spheres. He noted, however, that Turkey has not yet met  all commitments, otherwise it would have already joined the EU.

The position of EU member Poland is clear: it’s necessary to conduct a policy of open doors, the Union should be dynamic, enlarging and developing.

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