European Union vs. Eurasian Union: It’s up to Armenia to decide

Anna Nazaryan

European Union or Eurasian Union? “Armenia has to decide itself where its best interests are,” s Onno Simons, Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, said at a seminar in Yerevan titled “Towards a common inter-institutional approach for EU-Armenia integration.”

Won’t the membership in the Eurasian Union be an obstacle on the way of European integration?

“I think Armenia has time to think where its best interests are. I’m sure Armenia will want to have certain relations with the Eurasian Union, but I’m sure also that your Government should come as close to the European Union as possible,” Onno Simons said.

Is it possible to be member of two clubs? “It depends on the clubs,” the EU representative said. “Armenia is a CSTO member and has good relations with NATO,” Onno Simons said, adding, however, that “Armenia is a CSTO member, but it’s not a member of the North-Atlantic Alliance.”

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