Harutyun Mesrobyan: Economic growth has been quantitative, not qualitative

Karen Ghazaryan

The unclear political field and uncertainty  result from the fact that we have no political field and political parties in the classical sense, Harutyun Mesrobyan, an expert in governance, told a press conference today.  Political analyst Yervand Bozoyan said, in turn, that the ongoing processes are normal, there is no need in searching for intrigues, nothing extraordinary is happening. According to Bozoyan, this pre-election period does not differ from all previous ones.

No decision of any party is important to Harutyun Mesrobyan personally, and for Armenia’s future, in general, because “no one speaks about concrete programs.”

As for the economic growth reported at different periods of time, Harutyun Mesrobyan says “it has been quantitative, not qualitative.

Yervand Bozoyan agrees that the political field is not full-fledged, and this comes to prove that serious changes are needed in the political system.

Harutyun Mesrobyan said he does not see any political force that could bring such changes for Armenia’s future.

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