Dolma festival in Armenia vs. half-naked girls in Brazil

Hasmik Dilanyan

According to statistics, 603,074 tourists visited Armenia in the first nine months of 2012, which means a 9.4% increase as compared to the same period in 2011, Armenian Deputy Minister of Economy Ara Petrosyan told reporters today.

The Deputy Minister hopes the pace will be maintained this year. “We expect to register a double-digit growth by the end of the year and cross the threshold of 800 thousand,” he said.

Ara Petrosyan says the results are satisfying, especially considering that the international tourism has not yet overcome the consequences of the financial-economic crisis.

According welcomes the fact that growth has been registered in outgoing tourism, as well. “This means that the middle class is now able to organize the rest both inside and outside Armenia,” he said, adding that every outgoing tourist indirectly advertises our country.

Tourists visiting Armenia are mostly intellectuals familiar with the historical-cultural values of Armenia, who come to see them with their own eyes. “However, the intellectual tourists want diversity,” Ara Petrosyan said, adding that “this is the reason why we organize different festivals of local importance.”

“The wine, dolma and barbecue festivals make Armenia more attractive to the world, just like half-naked girls attract tourists to Brazil during the annual carnival,” the Deputy Foreign Minister said.

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