Third batch of Armenian Humanitarian Aid Distributed in Aleppo

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Aleppo started distributing the aid presented by the Armenian people to the Syrians, SANA agency reports.

Secretary of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party branch in Aleppo, Hilal Hilal, said that the Syrian people highly appreciate this humanitarian stance of the Armenian people and government, underling the strong Syrian-Armenian cooperation.

In turn, Aleppo Governor, Mohammad Wahid Aqqad, said that the Armenian aid indicated the deep friendship and fraternity between the Syrian and Armenian peoples, adding that the Syrian people will never forget the support of friendly peoples in the face of terrorism and the armed terrorist groups.

Director of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Aleppo, Hael Assi, said that the distribution of the aid to the affected Syrian families and those in need will be carried out in cooperation with the Armenian Embassy and the Armenian Orthodox Archdiocese in Aleppo.

An Armenian cargo plane arrived at Aleppo International Airport on Friday carrying the third batch of humanitarian aid presented by the Armenian people to the Syrians.

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