David Jamalyan: The OSCE should have mechanisms to restrain Azerbaijan’s aggression

Karen Ghazaryan

“It would be good if the OSCE monitoring of the line of contact helped relieve the tension. We should state, however, that the issue of observing the ceasefire is still urgent,” military expert David Jamalyan told a press conference. According to him, the OSCE should have mechanisms to restrain Azerbaijan’s aggression. “Our country has that mechanism – the armed forces,” the expert noted.

“The combat readiness of our armed forces prevents the enemy from moving from words to deeds,” David Jamalyan said, adding that “the OSCE monitoring of the line of contact should not be of formal character.” “They should be reinforced by international mechanisms that will restrain Azerbaijan’s aggression.”

Touching upon the issue of recognition of Artsakh, the expert noted that “the conflicts, which rest on the basis of the right of peoples to self-determination, are never solved quickly, and we should be realistic in this regard.”

The expert considers that the war will not resume even if the Armenian National Assembly recognizes the independence of Artsakh. He said “the war is possible only in case Azerbaijan’s military potential exceeds that of Armenia.”

According to the expert, Armenia should reinforce Artsakh’s statehood. At this point it’s also important to emphasize the issue of Artsakh’s territorial integrity. As for the international recognition of Nagorno Karabakh, Jamalyan said “the efforts in that direction should be intensified.”

Speaking about the Stepanakert Airport, he said it will be operated sooner or later. According to him, the exploitation of the Airport includes a political pretext and it will make Artsakh better known to the world.

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