National Assembly sums up the results of budget discussions

Artak Barsegyan

The National Assembly summed up the results of discussions on draft state budget for Fiscal Year 2013.

“The draft budget envisages a high GDP growth and high macroeconomic indices. The GDP will grow about 7.1% this year and 6.2% next year,” said Gagik Minasyan, Head of the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Financial Credit and Budgetary Affairs.

Mr. Minasyan hailed the current economic stability, which inspires hopes that the budget will be fully executed.

“The inflation is projected at the level of 4±1.5% this year, and is expected to remain on the same level in 2013. Last year the inflation made 7.7%,” Minasyan said.

The budget revenues and expenditures are expected to rise 13% and 10% respectively. The MP said the pace of growth of exports will exceed that of imports.

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