Obama’s reelection not to affect Armenia-US relations and Genocide recognition process

Artak Barseghyan

Barack Obama’s reelection will not have any essential influence on either the Armenian-American relations or the process of recognition of the Armenian Genocide, political scientist Yervand Bozoyan told a press conference today.

Obama claimed a decisive victory in the presidential elections, which means that the political course will continue during the coming four years, the political scientist said.

According to him, American Democrats are more peace-loving than Republicans, and Democrat Obama’s victory means that the US will still refrain from direct military interference in Iran and Syria.

Touching upon the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, Bozoyan said official Yerevan also has a role to play here.

“The US policy in our region and on Armenian issues depends on Armenia’s weight,” he said, adding that, unfortunately, Armenia’s position is not that strong today.

According to him, the Armenian positions were greatly weakened because of the Geneva protocols, the process of ratification of which has been suspended by the Turkish side.

“I think the Armenian-Turkish football diplomacy caused considerable harm to the Genocide issue in the US,” Bozoyan said.

The political scientist says the Armenian Genocide has become a matter of trade, which has weakened the Diaspora’s position on the issue.

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