Arkady Khitarov: Greeks face no major problems in Armenia

Lilit Muradyan

According to the data of the census conducted in 2001, there are 3,000 Greeks in Armenia. The Greek community numbered 6,000 in Soviet times, Chairman of the Union of Greek NGOs in Armenia Arkady Khitarov told reporters in Yerevan.

Will Greeks return to Armenia, taking into consideration the current social-economic conditions in that country? Khitarov said “it’s easier for Greeks to leave for other European countries.” “However, if they want to come and start business here, they will face no problems,” he added.

According to Arkady Khitarov, the Greek community does not face major problems in Armenia. Even if there are some minor issues, the community tries to solve them on its own, not willing to lay the burden on the Armenian government. He said the government provides buildings for the organization of the teaching of Greek, while the necessary textbooks come from Greece.

“We are in a much better condition than Armenians in Armenia,” Khitarov said, adding that they get support not only from the Greek government, but also the wealthy Greeks.

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