Edward Nalbandian: The Paris meeting helped clarify the situation after Safarov extradition

Lusine Vasilyan

The Paris meeting with Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov was aimed at bringing Azerbaijan back to a constructive field, Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian stated during the budget discussions at the National Assembly. Without going into detail about the results of the meetings, the Minister said it helped clarify the situation following the shameful deal on Safarov extradition, which was a serious blow to the negotiation process.

“Armenia declared a few days after Safarov’s transfer that it was resolute to continue the talks. If there is any party that does not want to continue the negotiations, it is the Azerbaijani side,” he said.

According to Nalbandian, there have been changes in the position of the international community over the past few months; a great number of countries and organizations have severely criticized and expressed their dismay over the Azerbaijani-Hungarian deal.

“Only one thing has remained unchanged: it is the willingness of Armenia and the international community to continue the negotiation process and impose a peaceful solution to Azerbaijan,” Minister Nalbandian stated.

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