President Sargsyan attends the groundbreaking ceremony for the Armenian Centre of Excellence in Oncology

President Serzh Sargsyan participated today in the groundbreaking ceremony for the Armenian Centre of Excellence in Oncology in Adjapnyak administrative district.

The project of construction of the center is being implemented through private-public cooperation. Taking note of the fact that the number of deaths resulting from cancer is steadily increasing in the world, and the fight against malignancies is a serious medical and social issue for any country, the Armenian National Competitiveness Foundation has worked out a long-term program of creation of the Armenian Centre of Excellence in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Healthcare.

The ACEO will initially consist of an oncology clinic with PET (positron emission tomography) diagnostic facility to provide state-of-the-art cancer care to Armenia and the region, supported by a state-owned cyclotron to produce the radioisotopes necessary for PET. While radiopharmaceuticals production and provision of diagnostic services will start in 2013, the oncology clinic will be operational by 2016.

ACEO’s immediate objective is to satisfy the unmet demand for Western-standard oncology diagnostics and treatment. Medium-term, ACEO will revolutionize cancer care in Armenia and pave the way for additional investments in specialized oncology services-for example, cancer surgery and a children’s cancer hospital. Long-term, the vision is that ACEO will evolve into a regional “cancer care city” with additional services, such as positron therapy, and attract patients from nearby countries and beyond.

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