Aleppo’s St. Gevorg Church set ablaze

The St. Gevorg Armenian Church located in the Nor Gyugh neighborhood ofAleppowas set ablaze, local observers confirmed on Monday.

“The inside of the church, including offices and artifacts have been badly burned,” said spokesman of the Syrian Prelacy Jirair Reyisian, who spoke by telephone with the Beirut-based Aztag newspaper.

“The recently closed Mesrobian Armenian school, which is adjacent to the church, including its kindergarten and elementary school buildings have been severely damaged,” added Reyisian.

“In light of this barbaric act, we condemn this criminal act with the conviction and belief that those responsible for these inhumane acts against placed of worship, starting with the historic Mosque to other places of prayer and now the St. Gevork Church, will be punished,” added Reyisian.

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