Armenian Jewellers Foundation to inform the world about Armenian jewellery

Armenian Jewellers Foundation is launching a fundraising campaign aimed at researching the past, promoting the present and assisting the future development of Armenian jewellery.

“Armenians are to jewellery what the Swiss are to watch-making. The exceptional contribution to the world jewellery heritage that Armenian jewellers have made throughout the ages is a source of national pride. As a Foundation, our mission is to make the world aware of this,” noted the acting chair and the co-founder of the AJA Foundation;Pierre Akkelian. He added that the patrons’ support to the Foundation will make it possible to shed light on the rich history of Armenian jewellery and will pave the way into the future.

The upcoming projects of the Foundation include a comprehensive research into the history of Armenian jewellery-making and trade, with a subsequent publication of findings, including a study of the contemporary Armenian jewellery scene all over the world. An important component of the Foundation’s mandate is the implementation of education programs, namely, awarding scholarships to young Armenian jewellery professionals to study at the leading design schools of the world.

The Armenian Jewellers Foundation will be represented at the Armenian Jewellery Show in Yerevan on October 29-31, 2012.

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