Tigran Sargsyan: Development of information systems and communication among Government priorities

Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan participated in the opening of the conference titled “Money Transfers in the CIS: New perspectives of development, new trends and technologies.”

Greeting the participants on behalf of the Armenian Government, the Prime Minister said: “Two third of our nation lives abroad, which means that money transfers are of great importance to us. We have to look into future, trying to reveal all possible challenges and risks of the sphere. The conference is of great importance from this viewpoint, as your experience and knowledge will allow to determine the primary directions of development of money transfers.”

According to the Prime Minister, today’s scientific-technical developments – new technologies, electronic systems – are linked to this sphere. Therefore, the Armenian Government attaches great importance to the development of information systems in the country, and the development of communication, in general.

“We have registered serious progress in the sphere over the past years and we are the leader in the region with regard to the number of Internet users, the price of Internet and Internet coverage in the republic. We’ll implement new reforms in the future that will have a serious influence on the development of money transfers,” the Prime Minister stated.

Speaking about the banking sector of Armenia, Tigran Sargsyan said: “Armenia has a strong banking system. Unlike other CIS countries, the first wave of the financial-economic crisis did not affect our banking sector.”

The conference has brought together heads of largest banks from the Russian Federation, CIS, Georgia, Baltic States, representatives of international organizations, banking associations and payment systems.

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