The Proven Axiom – a response to falsifications of history by Armenia’s neighbors

Alisa Gevorgyan

A new documentary telling about cartographer Rouben Galichian’s works will be presented to public in early November at the initiative of three young authors. “The Proven Axiom” – a 35-minute documentary is  a response to falsifications of history by our neighbors. The distribution of the film will be supported by the Public Relations and Information Center of the President’s Administration.

The documentary authored by three journalists is actually a collection of facts and the works of cartographer Ruben Galichian. The latter published several books on the ancient maps of Armenia and adjacent regions; he has a huge amount of data about the information the museums and libraries of the world possess about Armenia. Galichian’s research works provide a basis to assert that Armenia and Persia are the most ancient countries of the region with a history of more than 2,500 years.

After the passage of 2,600 years the Turkish state tried to erase the name ‘Armenia’ from maps as a result of the Armenian Genocide, but historic facts are inerasable and irrefutable, Ruben Galchyan is confident. According to the cartographer, inerasable is also the fact that the history of the country that carries the name ‘Azerbaijan’ starts from 1918, despite the assertions of Azerbaijanis that they are the descendants of Caucasian Albanians.

“It’s enough to show Galichian’s maps during different meetings, and our Azerbaijani colleagues immediately fall silent,” says historian Gurgen Hovhannisyan, Adviser on CIS Issues at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to him, nowadays good propaganda is an efficient tool of diplomacy, but propaganda is nothing without facts.

“Ruben Galichian’s works serve as a firm ground for us in the propaganda war,” the historian says.

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