AGBU 87th General Assembly raises 250,000 USD to support the Syrian-Armenian assistance fund

Towards the end of the AGBU 87th General Assembly held in Armenia from October 14-21, following the Union’s call to raise funds in support of the Syrian-Armenian community, the AGBU delegates and guests raised 250,000 USD for this purpose during a farewell dinner organized on October 20.

AGBU Central Board’s decision, dated August 3, 2012, had set aside a 1 mln USD emergency fund for the needs of the Syrian Armenians.  Later, AGBU issued a call to all Diaspora Armenians to launch a major fundraising campaign to support the Syrian-Armenian community. The Union’s call saw an overwhelming response by our compatriots from all over the world.

In coordination with the Syrian-Armenian Emergency Committee, which combines all local Armenian organizations, AGBU organizes its relief activities in the AGBU Centers of Syria. In addition to its humanitarian activities in Syria, AGBU also coordinates its efforts with the Republic of Armenia’s Ministry of Diaspora to meet the urgent needs of the Syrian-Armenians in Armenia.

“Syrian-Armenian Relief Coordination Center” operates in the office space provided by AGBU. Syrian-Armenians, who have settled down in Armenia, visit this Center every day and discuss matters of mutual concern. The families in need are also provided with necessary financial and logistical support.

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