Youth will have more opportunities to learn about United Nations

Within the framework of series of events celebrating 20th anniversary of UN presence in Armenia students of the Yerevan State University (YSU) will have more opportunities to further raise their awareness on the UN values, UN global agenda and UN work in Armenia as a result of the implementation of the Plan for Cooperation which was signed today between the University and the United Nations Department of Public Information (UNDPI).

Marking of the language days at the UN, organization of Model UN Conferences, joint management of the UN Depository Library at YSU, UN outreach lectures and debates, internship opportunities for the students are just a few examples of the expected activities, which will enhance the dissemination of the UN values among the students.

The UN Department of Public Information Representative in Armenia, Maria Dotsenko said: “Youth is the driving force of any society, and it is important that Armenian youth has more opportunities to learn about agenda and values of the UN: human rights, democratic governance, peace and security, sustainable human development. Our cooperation with Armenian universities also gives students more chances to be engaged in UN activities. It will help them to become not only successful professionals, but also active and responsive citizens of their country.”

Hundreds of UN publications were distributed to the students and professors of the University. The participants watched also a slide-show of photos illustrating 20-year achievements of the UN inArmenia.

“We highly appreciate our cooperation with the UN. Giving academic knowledge to our students is our key priority, however we invest significant efforts into helping them to become well informed and active citizens of the world”, said Ruben Markosyan, the deputy rector of the Yerevan State University.

The commemoration of the Arabic Language Day at the UN and organization of the Model UN Conference at the University in December 2012 are among the upcoming activities in the framework of the plan between the UNDPI and Yerevan State University.

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