The best and worst scenarios of development of Syria events

Anna Nazaryan

Armenia will suffer in case of the worst scenario of development of Syrian events. If Turkey and the West succeed to overthrow Assad’s regime, Turkey will become a regional superpower, which will, in turn, affect the settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh issue, says Gagik Harutyunyan, President of the “Noravank” scientific-educational foundation.

According to him, the best option will be the creation of conditions for mutual agreement between Iran and the US. Otherwise, Turkey will reach its objective.

Syrian Armenians have found themselves in a hard situation because if the Syria war. The military actions take place in the Armenia-populated districts.

“No state approach was demonstrated during the war in Iraq. The situation with Syria is different. The Republic of Armenia is doing the utmost it can,” Gagik Harutyunyan said.

“There are currently about 5 thousand Syrian Armenians here. However, we cannot accept everyone because of the scarce resources,” he added.

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