Michel Legrand in Yerevan to celebrate his 80th birthday

Nvard Davtyan

A concert dedicated to the 80th birthday of world-known composer and pianist Michel Legrand will take place in Yerevan Saturday.

“Age does not decorate a person, but it is not a burden on my shoulders,” says the French musician of Armenian descent. His mother Marcelle Der Mikaeian comes from a noble Armenian family.

Legrand told reporters in Yerevan he never demands gifts for his birthday, but confessed he would be glad to get one of Martiros Saryan’s paintings as a gift. However, the greatest reward for him was the meeting with members of his family, whom he had never met.

He does not regret for anything. “I would not like to live any part of my life anew, as I’m not tied to the past. I’m proud of all I have done,” the musician said.

An author of 800 songs, Legrand does not give preference to any of them. The number of CDs he has released exceeds 100. He’s an author of 250 soundtracks.

Next year the musician intends to compose a song for a film he will shoot himself. It’s going to be a musical film. The composer, who has given happiness to so many people with his music, finds it hard to formulate the formula of his own happiness. “Perhaps it lies in the fact that all my life has been devoted to music,” Mr. Legrand said. “Music is my life,” he confessed.  

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