ArmProd EXPO opens in Yerevan

Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan participated in the opening of ArmProd EXPO exhibition, featuring local companies engaged in producing and supplying food and drinks. Accompanied by Minister of Agriculture Sergo Karapetyan the Prime Minister walked about the exhibition wall and familiarized with the production and programs of the participating companies.

Tigran Sargsyan told reporters that such exhibitions contribute to the development of industry. “We aim to help the local companies find new markets of consumption. There is no company here that would not export its production, and this is a priority for us. Representatives of all companies say the volume of production grew at least 20% this year. Some companies say their production has doubled, the wages have risen, the number of jobs has increased,” the Prime Minister said.

Tigran Sargsyan noted that agriculture is the locomotive of this year’s economic growth, where there is considerable improvement of quality and the government is resolute to maintain the pace of development in the coming years

The expo provides an opportunity to companies to present their products to the public and find profitable partners or investors.

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