TravelVivi: Azerbaijan among 5 countries one should avoid visiting

The TravelVivi online travel guide has included Azerbijan in the list of five countries one should avoid visiting along with Papua New Guinea, Haiti, Egypt and Laos.

Located in the Caucasus of southeastern Europe and sharing borders with Georgia, Turkey, Armenia, Iran, Caspian Sea coastline and Russia, Azerbaijan formed as a nation and country in the beginning of 20th century,” the website notes, adding that “It is known as the ‘Land of Fires’ and is in the list of 5 dangerous places tourists avoid visiting; and not for nothing.”

“Though blessed with spectacularly beautiful nature and a wealth of attractions, including a great many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which Azeri claim to be their heritage, Azerbaijan, rich with oil and gas, still remains one of those countries, where there are concerns regarding freedom of expression and freedom of the media, as well as worries of being mugged or robbed, attacked or being insulted, and be a subject to a physical attack because of your skin color, ethnic origin or religion. Azerbaijan recently came into light of international media after releasing, pardoning and giving a national hero status to a convicted axe murderer Ramil Safarov.

“Azerbaijan has seen a downward trend in the number of crimes committed against foreigners. Foreigners are at a great risk in areas attracting large crowds or in every isolated area. There have been several reports from individuals who have been victims of crimes occurring late at night in bars frequented by Westerners. There have also been reports from a number of women complaining of unwanted male attention, including groping and other offensive behavior, as well as reports of vehicle break-ins at regional tourist sites and more, much more,” the website writes.

TravelVivi advises to follow some tips, if one has decided to visit Azerbaijan. “If you ever happen to visit Azerbaijan, be sure to follow the following tips: do not walk alone at night in dark and unlit streets; try to arrange to be picked up or dropped off as close to your hotel as possible by a taxi accredited to the hotel you are staying in, and avoid showing large sums of money in public or taking your valuables with you.”

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