Vahan Hovhannisyan: Safe return of the Armenian relief plane was a serious success

Nvard Davtyan

“The successful return of the Armenian relief plane was a serious success for the “Help your brother” civil initiative, our society, the organizations of Armenia and Artsakh,” member of the initiative Vahan Hovhannisyan told reporters today.

“To some extent it was also breaking of Armenia’s blockade,” Hovhannisyan added. According to him, as a result of long negotiations the Turkish air space was chosen as the most optimal way for delivering the humanitarian aid. “The plane with 14 tones of humanitarian aid on board landed in Erzrum, after which it reached Aleppo without any difficulties,” he added.

“In Erzrum the cargo was thoroughly searched, the content of all 7 thousand containers was checked. Fire machines and troops were there, there was demonstration of force and it was somewhat theatrical, but we take such things easy. It was humanitarian aid and was to reach the destination under any circumstance. We did not announce it beforehand, as serious work needs no advertising. We wanted to transport the cargo, not become heroes,” Hovhannisyan said.

Member of the “Help your brother” initiative Lilit Galstyan thanked all organizations, individuals, businessmen and students, who responded to their call and offered their help. According to her, the unification around a national idea was more important than the amount of the sum donated.

“We managed to raise 30 mln AMD in less than a month. Many businessmen provided goods, the total cost of which exceeds 50 mln AMD,” Lilit Galstyan said. She expressed gratitude to everyone  from the old man who donated 2 thousand drams to the “Gagik Tsarukyan” Fund, which transferred 15 mln AMD.

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