Street style blogger Yvan Rodic to hunt for interesting faces in the streets of Yerevan

Alisa Gevorgyan

Yvan Rodic, a street style photographer known for his “Facehunter” blog visits Armenia. Today and tomorrow he will walk in the streets of Yerevan to look for fashionably dressed people. He will deliver a lecture at Tumo center and will speak about how blogging can change the fashion.

Yvan Rodic has worked with most renowned companies and magazines. The street style photographer is also an art critic, who’s trying to reveal the fashion trends in the world, discover the cultural events and everything else related to fashion.

In 2006 he created his famous Facehunter blog, which is considered one of the most influential ones in the world of fashion. Yvan’s unique blog gets 1 million hits monthly.

The blogger is visiting Armenia for the first time. “I’ve heard much about your country, and I wanted to visit it. I know many Armenians, I’m familiar with your culture. I’m interested in the style of dressing in Armenia. I’ve not seen much so far, just a few men in their everyday clothes. I think I’ll see more in the evening,” the photographer told reporters in Yerevan.

Rodic does not follow the fashion shows. In his perception, fashion is a cultural phenomenon, a language through which people express themselves. That’s why he prefers to travel all over the world to see and present the differences of self-expression.

According to him, it’s rather boring, when young people try to imitate the style of celebrities, to be like someone, who they have nothing in common with. The photographer is confident that people have different approaches and expectations from fashion now.

“People are already tired of ideal images. They want to see images, which are closer to themselves and have psychological similarities with them. The Internet helps us find and present common people, who can inspire with their style and individuality,” he said.

Touching upon the cultural peculiarities of the European and post-Soviet space, Rodic said: “In post-Soviet countries women are trying to accentuate their femininity. In Europe women do not use much make-up and do not try to look very feminine.”

Rodic says most fashionable women live in New York, London, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Sydney, i.e. in cities with great cultural diversity.

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