NKR MFA: Azerbaijan’s failure to meet its commitments undermines stability, peace and security in the region

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic has circulated a letter to the UN General Assembly and the Security Council in response to the letters of the Azerbaijan Representative to the UN regarding the presidential elections held in the NKR on July 19, 2012.

“The formation of state structures through free and transparent expression of the popular will has become an inseparable part of the political culture in the Republic,” the document of the Foreign Ministry reads

It is also noted that the July 19, 2012 presidential elections in Artsakh were yet another step towards deepening the democratic traditions and universal values in the country that was affirmed by the high assessments given by the international observers, including members of the European Parliament, journalists and public activists.

“The Nagorno Karabakh Republic expects the international community to demonstrate an appropriate response to its ongoing democratic processes, which will send the proper signal to the developing democracies around the globe.

Any allegations by Azerbaijan that the democratic development of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic hampers the peace process are illogical, and are solely aimed at distracting the international community away from factual obstacles in the negotiation process,” in particular reads the NKR MFA letter.

According to the NKR Foreign Ministry, it is the refusal of Azerbaijan to commit to its obligations undertaken within the OSCE Minsk Process that undermines stability, peace and security in the region.

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