David Jamalyan: Opening of Stepanakert airport cannot serve as a reason for large-scale military actions

Alisa Gevorgyan

“Military exercises are an important military-political event, since we should always be ready for war. The conduct of drills should be welcomed,” military expert David Jamalyan told a press conference today.

“The situation at the line of contact is normal, everything is under control and the military exercises should not be linked to the threat of war. These are planned drills and are of preventive importance. They help to reinforce the fighting efficiency of the Armenian armed forces,” David Jamalyan said, adding that new drills are scheduled in Artsakh in the near future, during which new armaments will be demonstrated.

According to the expert, the reaction of Turkey and Azerbaijan to the opening of the Stpanakert Airport was predictable. As for the Turkish threats to close the air space for Armenia, Jamalyan said “there are corridors in the Armenian space, and we have our own tools to threaten the interests of many.” “Therefore, I don’t think they will move from words to action,” he added.

Touching upon Azerbaijan’s threats to shoot down civilian aircrafts, the expert said “our response could be very painful” and added that the opening of the airport cannot serve as a reason for large-scale military actions.

“By releasing and giving a hero’s welcome to Safarov, Aliyev managed to do what the Armenian side had failed to do for many years. He made it clear to the international community that Artsakh cannot exist under the jurisdiction of Azerbaijan, a country, which has made hatred towards Armenians part of its state policy,” Jamalyan said

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