Orban’s decision unacceptable, Hungarian intellectuals say in Yerevan

Artak Barseghyan

Four Hungarian intellectuals have arrived in Yerevan today. During the two-day visit they plan to visit the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute and the grave Armenian Officer Gurgen Margaryan axed by Azerbaijani Ramil Safarov during NATO classes in Budapest in 2004.

This morning Hungarian historian Zoltan Biro, theologian Gabor Ivanyi, journalist Gabor Deak and writer Rudolf Ungvary met with journalists in Yerevan to present their stance on Ramil Safarov’s extradition and the suspension of the Armenian-Hungarian relations.

Gabor Deak, the initiator of the visit, noted that the Hungarian people’s attitude towards the authorities’ decision on Safarov was negative.

According to the Hungarian journalist, Safarov’s transfer was an incomprehensible and unacceptable political decision, which faced the severe criticism of the majority of Hungarians. The current visit comes to prove the stance of Hungarian intellectuals on that shameful deal, he added.

“The unacceptable decision to extradite Safarov was taken by Prime Minister Victor Orban, while the judiciary and the Ministry of Foreign affairs of Hungary stood against it,” theologian, former MP Gabor Ivanyi said

“Safarov’s vicious crime was immoral and has no justification,” Mr. Ivanyi added, reminding that the Hungarian Court had sentenced him to life in prison. “The sum that had to be spent to keep Safarov in jail (about $1 mln) should be spent on the Armenian Church, which has been functioning in Hungary since the 17th century, the theologian noted. He said he regrets that the Hungary has not yet recognized the Armenian Genocide. Gabor Ivanyi confessed that he feels shame for the decision of his country’s Prime Minister.

Writer Rudolf Ungvary noted, in turn, that PM Orban’s decision did not bring the expected financial dividends, but negatively affected Hungary’s international standing.

Touching upon the decision of the Armenian authorities to suspend ties with Hungary, historian Zoltan Biro noted that it applies only to the government of his country, not the Hungarian people.

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