Armenian-Australian organisations form ‘Joint Committee in support of the Armenian community in Syria’

The Armenian-Australian community’s leading Armenian churches, political parties, relief, and benevolent organisations have announced the formation of a ‘Joint Committee in Support of the Armenian Community in Syria’.

After meeting last month, the group issued the following statement:

Over the past few weeks, we have all watched the 18-month conflict in Syria escalate into a new and damaging phase. Caught in the crossfire of this growing conflict are the innocent citizens of Syria, among them the large Armenian community.

The Armenian community in Syria has had a long and sustained presence and has been an important centerpiece for the Diaspora. As a result of the ongoing conflict, the Armenian community is facing a crisis and is in need of the Diaspora’s assistance.

We call upon the Armenian-Australian community to facilitate the needs of the Syrian Armenian community and to contribute towards the preservation of the Armenian community. We ask that all members of the community join in supporting this vital initiative for the protection of the Armenian population of Syria.”

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