Armenia accuses Hungary of complicating the situation over Nagorno Karabakh

In an interview with the Hungarian ATV Company Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan referred to Armenian-Hungarian relations, settlement of the Karabakh issue and Ramil Safarov’s transfer.

Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan  again accused Hungary of complicating the search for peace in the protracted conflict over Karabakh by handing over a confessed axe-killer of an Armenian to Azerbaijan several weeks ago.

In an exclusive interview with the Hungarian ATV channel aired at the weekend Sargsyan, at the same time, made clear that the responsibility for the bad decision rests entirely with Hungarian government officials and that his countrymen should not blame ordinary Hungarians for that.

“The decision of the Hungarian government not only jeopardized the Armenian-Hungarian relations, which is regretful, but also led to problems in the European Union’s Eastern policy and Armenia’s peace talks with Azerbaijan, and, therefore, put the stability of the region at risk,” Sargsyan said.

“But I would not like the Armenian people to turn their back on the Hungarians because of the Hungarian government that turned its back on Armenia,” the Armenian President added.

The Armenian President noted that he does not see an aspiration to solve the Karabakh conflict in Azerbaijan’s policy and added that Armenia is doing its best to reach that objective. The President stressed that in case of Azerbaijan’s possible military aggression against Karabakh, Armenia will support the citizens of Artsakh.

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