The issue of Syrian Armenians is our bloody wound, Diaspora journalists say

Alisa Gevorgyan

A number of representatives of Diaspora Armenian media have arrived in Yerevan to participate in the 6th Pan-Armenian Forum of Journalists. Today they shared their impressions from the results of the “Ahead of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide” forum, assessing the event as generally productive and useful.

Editor-in-chief of the Lebanon-based Aztag daily Shahan Kandaharyan is satisfied with the results of the discussions. During the conference reference was made to the situation in Syria, and the problems Syrian Armenians face. “This is ourbloody wound,” editor of the Lebanon-based “Khosnak” newspaper Hambik Martirosyan said.

Representative of Lebanon’s “Sevan Radio” program Vera Siseryan noted that “such forums are really important and necessary although the Armenian society does not take them seriously.”

To what extent does the Armenian press in Diaspora follow the internal political developments in Armenia? “We are trying our best to refer to everything the Armenian press covers. We face the issue of maintaining the balance, presenting the reality so as not to cause disappointment in the Diaspora. I cannot say, however, that we have found the solution to that issue,” Vera Siseryan said.

Hambik Martirosyan underlined that the Diaspora is rather sensitive to the events in Armenia, and the biased information often causes just pain and nothing else.

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