Ivanishvili’s explanation not convincing to Levon Shirinyan

Alisa Gevorgyan

“The national interest won in Georgian elections. The elite did not allow dissidence and divergence from the Western direction of development,” political scientist Levon Shirinyan said, commenting on the victory of the Georgian Dream in the parliamentary elections and the latest political developments in that country.

According to Shirinyan, Georgia is adopting the German direction of development, which Georgia has been in fond of ever since tsarist times. “In 1910s Georgia was in secret deals with German imperialists and they have always preferred the German model of government,” he added. The political scientist considers that Bidzina Ivanishvili is coming to give new breath to that German model.

Shirinyan is almost confident that the changes in Georgia will bring about difficulties in Armenian-Russian relations. According to Shirinyan, it’s our task to explain to Russians that Georgians will never change their political preferences. “No Saakashvili, no Ivanishvili will ever divert the view of the Georgian people from the West to Russia. We must be extremely cautious in order not to suffer as a result of the Georgian-Russian flirt,” the political scientist said. He does not share the opinion of those who see signs of democracy in the Georgian elite.

Levon Shirinyan is not satisfied with Bidzina Ivanishvili’s explanations regarding his statement about the Armenians of Georgia.

Ivanishvili said in an interview with the Russian The New Times that he wonders why Armenians live in Georgia. “I’m surprised. The Motherland of Armenians is just next door. For me it is incomprehensible. I have lived in France, in the United States, but I’ve always seen my village, my soil in my dreams,” leader of the Georgian dream said.

In response to the noise raised by the Armenian side, Ivanishvili left a note on his Facebook page, saying that the Russian paper published only part of his answer, which completely changed the essence of what he had said.

“I said I admire the ability of Armenians and Jews, who are citizens of the world and manage to succeed wherever they are. Unfortunately, we – Georgians – did not manage to create a strong Diapsora anywhere.”

Bidzina Ivanishvili

The comments are not convincing to Levon Shirinyan. He considers that the migration of Armenians from Georgia is unavoidable.

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