Armenian PM meets journalists from Diaspora

“Armenia appreciates the fact that a class of liberal intellectuals has been formed in Turkey, which accepts the fact of the Armenian Genocide and tries to present the reality to the Turkish society,” Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan said during the meeting with Diaspora journalists, who have arrived in Armenia to participate in the 6th Pan-Armenian Forum of Journalists organized ahead of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

“In a number of international structures and academic and scientific circles Turkey will have to accept the reality of the Armenian Genocide. Time will put everything in the right place. Not only the Armenian, but also the Turkish people need this truth,” he said.

According to Tigran Sargsyan, Armenia cannot retreat from its true and just principles. “We must continue the struggle irrespective of the counter-steps Turkey may take,” the Prime Minister said.

Speaking about the Armenian-Georgian relations, PM Tigran Sargsyan underlined that no matter who comes to power in Georgia, Armenia will do its best to keep the bilateral relations on a high level. “We respect the choice of the Georgian people and we must build very good relations with Georgia,” he added.

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