President Sargsyan receives recipients of 2012 Presidential Award in the IT field

President Serzh Sargsyan received the students and pupils who were nominated for the RA Presidential Award for 2012 in the area of information technologies (IT). At the official award ceremony, which took place at the Presidential Palace, the awardees were handed their awards in different nominations: along with the certificate for each category, the young awardees received also a symbol-souvenir and a monetary award.

The RA Presidential Award in the IT area is an annual award granted to the pupils and students who excel in their studies and actively participate in various Olympiads and competitions in the area of IT and natural sciences, author scientific articles, possess comprehensive knowledge and talent as well as participate in social programs.

The winners were nominated and received prizes – “Grand Prix”, “Best Postgraduate”, “Best Undergraduate”, “Best Bachelor”, “Best Participant from Diaspora”, “Best Student”, “Best Pupil”. The process of nomination is being conducted by the Commission on the Bestowment of the Awards in the Area of Education which was established by the decree of the President of Armenia. Requirements set for the candidates, their selection and nomination are conducted based on the agreement between the Synopsis Armenia Company and Hayastan All-Armenian Fund. Monetary awards for each category are provided by the Synopsis Armenia.

President Serzh Sargsyan congratulated the awardees who demonstrated good results in their studies and were nominated for the RA Presidential Award for 2012 and wished them new success.

“Dear Attendees,

Today, you are here and we praise you for your knowledge, your education. You know the import of education in the contemporary world too well. Today, everyone knows its value. It is no accident that we have made the development of this area a priority. We should be able not only to achieve the level of education in line with the modern standards, but also should make it accessible for all. We will not forgive ourselves if it turns out that a talent was wasted only because he or she couldn’t afford education.

During the parliamentary elections, we promised to make education affordable for all. The Minister of Education is present here. We have already agreed to develop mechanisms which will allow all those students who strive to continue their education in the higher education establishments but are not financially solvent, have no problems with regard to their education. We believe that there shouldn’t be even one young person in Armenia whose studies are impeded because of the tuitions fees. This is a principle issue for me, and we will solve that issue fundamentally. I would like to repeat: not a single child will be left out the educational process because of his or her social status. Children from needy families are also our children and they will have equal rights in realizing their right for education. Moreover, by this (and not only by this) we will ensure the continuity of the educational process – high quality vocational as well as the higher education will be accessible for all, no exception.

Together with the Minister of Education, we have decided to work towards making the 12 year education compulsory. Twelve-year compulsory and tuition free secondary and professional education must become a norm of our life. I believed this is call of the times and an important component of our reforms in the area of education. This was not only a wish: it has become a part of the Government’s plan of action and will be implemented consistently.

Dear Awardees,

I once again congratulate you on receiving these awards, which are perhaps the first in your life. The greatest success starts with the first step and I wish that this first steps opens new, wider doors for you. I congratulate you and thank you for your work, your efforts, and your enthusiasm” – said President Serzh Sargsyan.

The President of Armenia spoke also about challenges which face every nation and all people who are striving to create societies equipped with modern technologies and skills. Serzh Sargsyan underscored that in this area our ambitions must be impressive and comprehensive. According to the President, in this area there are serious potential and great opportunities for increasing competitiveness of the people of Armenia and the entire Armenian nation, which are still to be unearthed and implemented. With this regard he stressed the importance of the works which are conducted particularly for young persons and adolescents.

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