Ministry or hotel? Intellectuals prefer the second

Alisa Gevorgyan

The building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been sold and will be turned into hotel in the future. The Foreign Ministry will move to its old building.

“The Republic Square is the heart of Yerevan and the exploitation of every building there should be well thought over,” expert of monuments Samvel Karapetyan told reporters today. If they have decided to turn it into a hotel, then our country need hotels, he added.

“The guests visiting Armenia do not represent the same class, and they should have a choice. By constructing another luxurious hotel, our country does not give them a choice,” Karapetyan concluded.

Artistic director of the Yerevan Puppet Theatre Ruben Babayan does not mind moving all government agencies away from the center. It would be ideal to him if the Republic Square was turned into a cultural center with museums, concert and exhibition halls. “As my dream is not destined to come true, let there be a hotel,” he said.

At the same time, he is concerned about factors that hinder the development of tourism in our country. “The hotels in Yerevan are too expensive, and this does not contribute to the development of tourism,” he said. He’s convinced that the new hotel at the Republic Square will not be a cheep one, either.

The price is not the greatest concern for the intellectuals. The exterior of the building is the main issue all of us are anxious about. The intellectuals, however, are optimistic about this.

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